Going green in 2017

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What is an Eco – Friendly waste removal?

Many people wonder regarding this subject, but our company has allowed our clients to go through this process and in the same time keep the environment pollutant free. This service contains secure collection, storage, and recycling of waste, which is crucial in protecting the natural recourses. Our “green” company as we like to call it has a big potential and great hopes for the futures of this business. Considering that in not so distant future we as human kind will lack in many natural resources.

Who we are

Our company strongly advocates the green dumpster removal; we were one of the pioneers who started this process. Back then, people weren’t conscious enough about the problems our environment is facing every day. That’s why we have to suffer the consequences now. Our goal is to help people recycle their trash, but in the same time, to rent them eco-friendly dumpsters.


Eco waste removal

Eco-Friendly Dumpster rental options you can explore

Dumpsters are like massive bins where you can throw you trash and just wait for a rental company to take it away. What distinguishes us from other companies is that now you have the possibility to explore different rental options.

Professional sorting

Our clients don’t have a great appeal in sorting the trash, even though they want to recycle. This is where our team comes in. We sort your trash and decide what can be recycled or donated. It doesn’t matter what type of premises you want to clean, just call us and we will sort everything out.

Pollution Friendly Dumpster trucks

Our company is a proud owner of Ford Eco – Friendly dumpster trucks. The technology has progressed so much, and with the innovations, we now have water vapor coming out of the engine, instead of black and stinky carbon. To be a role model in this line of business, we promote “green” trucks as our strongest advantage.

Dumpster sizes for every project

Depending on a project, our clients have the opportunity to make and inquiry about dumpster sizes. We have the large variety of dumpsters which can accommodate your every project.   

10-yard dumpster

10-yard dumpster

Ideal for seasonal cleaning and small remodeling. If you are redecorating one room inside of your house, then this dumpster is perfect. Also, this dumpster can support small amounts of concrete.

20-yard dumpster

20-yard dumpster

Twice a bigger size, twice a bigger cleaning. If you are removing the floors, doing the roofing or getting rid of the furniture, this volume will be enough.

30 – yard dumpster

30 – yard dumpster

This is a massive dumpster intended for major projects, like demolishing, or building. You can put almost everything in it. From heavy and massive concrete to pool equipment. 


40 – yard dumpster

40 – yard dumpster

This is the largest size our company rents. Usually, people rent it when they are demolishing their house, or some companies put it on their construction sites.

Green container

Green Dumpster Shipping Service

We are highly trained professions who respect the time of our clients. Our shipping services include the delivery of Eco – Friendly dumpster and the haul of your trash. You just need to schedule an appointment with our dispatcher and to expect prompt and professional service. In some cases, if you call us early in the morning, we will be able to deliver you a dumpster or haul your trash within the same day.

Clients’ review

  • William

    “This is one of the best companies I had the pleasure to work with. The staff is very polite and welcoming. They’ve hauled my trash in the record time. I would recommend this company to anyone. Very efficient and professional.  And the prices are more than affordable. My honest recommendations.”

    William H. Pinette
  • Melvin

    “I have been working with this company for a long time since I started my construction business. I just call them now, and they enable the delivery within few hours. Also, I always get a discount; I guess that’s a perk of being a long term client.  Great rental company and great conditions.”

    Melvin E. Whitten
  • Frank

    John – “This is the second time I have been using the services of this company, and I must say I’m very pleased how they treat their clients. I needed a dumpster for my house remodeling project, they’ve sorted everything out, half of my things went to recycling. They have a mighty way of keeping our community clean.”

    Frank J. Shanks

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